5 reasons why you SHOULD book a Professional Makeup Artist for your wedding…

So you’ve decided that you don’t really need a Professional Makeup Artist on your big day?…Okay!

When talking to brides-to-be, I will sometimes hear, ‘oh, my friend is really good at makeup, so she is going to do it for me’ or ‘I never really wear makeup so I don’t need it for my wedding day’…

It may be that you have a very tight budget and you feel that other services take priority?

These are all valid points; however, here are just 5 really good reasons as to why you should reconsider…

1. Ease the stress

Your wedding morning will be stressful.

One of the benefits of hiring a professional on the morning of your wedding is not only because they are amazing at making sure you look incredible, but they are also very experienced when it comes to managing time effectively.

You do not want to find yourself panicking in the morning because your foundation is going patchy or can’t get your false lashes to stick.

You also shouldn’t be worrying about that bridesmaid that insists on wearing a bright orange lipstick with her sage green dress, yeah you love her, but do you really want that headache?

Having a professional makeup artist will mean that you can sit back and enjoy being pampered for once – after all, it’s your day and you deserve it!

2. Getting the right look

Most of my bride’s ask for a ‘natural’ look. People’s interpretation of natural can be different depending on how much makeup they would usually wear.

Generally wedding day makeup is to look like the absolute best version of yourself. What many people don’t realise is that natural makeup is actually one of the hardest looks to get right.

Wedding makeup is not everyday makeup, nor is it ‘going out’ makeup, it is so much more. Wedding makeup is about balance.

You want enough makeup to make sure you don’t look washed out in the photos but also not so heavy that you look like an impersonation of Krusty the Clown.

As well as balance you need the right colours, tones and textures. What may look great in a dimly lit hotel room can look completely different in natural light.

Most brides will be photographed under different types of lighting, indoors and out. Therefore, it is so important to make sure that your makeup correctly matches and blends with your skin colour and tone. The last thing you want is to walk outside and have an unsightly orange ring around your face.

3. You want your makeup to last

One of the key reasons for a bride to book a professional makeup artist on their wedding day is because they want their makeup to last.

Sure, good quality products are a start, but long-lasting makeup is also down to the application.

A professional makeup artist will use certain techniques during the application that means you can cry, sweat and dance your little feet off and your makeup will still look incredible at the end of the night.

4. Using the right products

A good makeup artist will offer a personalised service. They will identify your skin type (sometimes it is not what you think it is) and apply the right products suited to you.

Something that a professional would consider, but you may not, is ‘Flash Back’. This happens when using makeup products that contain high levels of SPF or light reflecting ingredients.

The flash on the camera is bounced back off the face, creating a white mask.

Imagine the heartbreak when you sit down to view your wedding photos for the first time it looks like someone has just blown a handful of talcum powder in your face…(oh the horror!)

5. The Photographs

One of the key factors to consider here is the photography. Your wedding will be like an all-day photo-shoot, it’s your celebrity moment and all eyes are going to be on you.

Having the right hair and makeup is just as important as finding the right wedding dress, after all they are the elements that create your final look. A professional makeup artist can create a look that will perfectly compliment your overall style.

You are going to be looking back at your photos for years to come, each time you will want those same joyful feelings to come flooding back.

I could think of so many reasons why a makeup artist is a must have on your wedding day. I hope that these 5 alone are enough to show you some of the benefits of booking a professional.

If you want to look and feel incredible on your big day, booking a pro is the way to guarantee it!

Until next time...

Jenna xx

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