5 top tips for your wedding morning....

The morning of your wedding can be intense, believe me I learnt the hard way! You will have all sorts of people buzzing around, family, bridesmaids, suppliers, the registrars, kids (argh!). There are lots of things that you can do in preparation which will allow for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Don't get me wrong, the morning preparation is a big part of your day. It's when you realise 'oh my gosh, it's actually happening!' Most brides will feel the nerves at some point during this time.

As a makeup artist this is the part of your day that I get to see. I'm not there to do your makeup, pack up and leave, it's an important part of my job to help the bride feel pampered, calm and relaxed. I usually position my chair away from the hustle and bustle, in a separate room where possible.

My chair is a place of Zen, where you can collect your thoughts and chill out.

1. I know it seems obvious but make yourself a list of the things that you need to take with you a couple of weeks before the wedding. As the wedding gets closer things will pop into your head that you may need to add.

A few days before the wedding start getting everything together and store it in a spare room or safe place so on the morning of the wedding everything is in one place and can easily be packed into the car and you are confident that nothing has been forgotten.

Things commonly left behind are toothbrush, contact lenses, the laces for your wedding dress! You really don't want to be running back for these.

2. One of the key things I wish I had done before my wedding morning was delegate. I don't mean the obvious jobs like who is organising the transport? or has someone picked up the cake? you should have already sorted this.

I mean delegate responsibilities for the unforeseen problems (if they happen). Make a list of your supplier's, contact them ALL a couple of days before the wedding to reconfirm arrival times etc.

Choose someone you can trust, your mum, your bridesmaid and ask them to take control should something go wrong. Provide them with a full list of the suppliers names, contacts and arrival times.

If someone hasn't arrived on time, they can do the chasing, chances are they are just stuck in traffic. You don't even need to know, they should be all over that s***!

3. Depending on how many people you have with you in the morning, it can get loud and crazy. If you have a big group of people with you, use a separate room for bridal prep if your space allows for it. Put your makeup and hair stylist in a separate room.

This will make for less distractions and a place for you to escape the madness when you need to.

4. Make sure you eat something (ideally before you get in the makeup chair, please?).

Based on a traditional wedding, you're not likely to eat until around 4pm. That's a long time to go between breakfast and dinner. Arrange for some sandwiches and fruit to be available for you and your bridal party to snack on.

5. Leave plenty of time to get dressed. On my wedding morning I was still getting in my dress 15 minutes after the ceremony should have started!

As you can imagine my groom was really starting to feel the nerves by this point, as was I. (Oh and just to clarify, I got married before becoming a MUA so I had no idea about any of this, hence why I am sharing these tips).

It's not a case of putting your dress on and going, once you are dressed you will want some time to have some photos taken, speak to your father, prepare yourself. As general rule I would recommend being dressed at least 30 minutes ahead of when you need to leave.

On a final note, just enjoy it. Don't sweat the small stuff, honestly people will never know that something is missing, unless it's you or the groom of course!

The wedding morning absolutely flies by, you feel like you have mountains of time when you get up, then within a blink you are there - standing at the top of this aisle ready to marry the love of your life!

So, I hope this helps a few of you. If you have any tips or suggestions you feel might help others, please comment below. I always find the best advice you can give is from your own experiences.

Until next time...

Jenna xx

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